Literally, almost as if its magic, I have been feeling swarms of confidence and calmness. The confidence feels a bit different than I expected. Less of the confidence is about me, and more of it is about life and how everything will move, shift, and shape in my benefit.
Thanks for being on the other side,


Hey, good afternoon!

Did anyone join me yesterday on the journey of interacting with others as though we see them as complete, and whole? Did anyone else fail like me? ha! I did better than the day before, but not 100% present to it. So easy for me to forget those projects.

Although, interestingly I really can say that I can feel a difference in my calmness and confidence already. Why? I’m not 100% sure. But I am. I really felt it in my performance yesterday.

Inside of the definition of wholeness is the word unity, which I really felt touched by. Having the sense that in order for us to be whole we have to be in union with ourself, this means being in line with our actions and desires, carrying out what it is that we want to be doing, saying and feeling.

I have a lot of that, but I’m still not as productive as I’d like to be. In order to be whole, I’m going to get some clarity on where I can alter that.

Hope your Tuesday is going well!



So, we are really going to dive into this wholeness journey.

What does it mean to be whole, and how do I get there? I would say to be whole, I have to completely responsible for my Self. It means no one or thing is going to rescue me. My joy and inner peace come from my own relationship to Self, which of course includes God.

What are some habits I can do to create this? Well, right now, I’d say its honoring my relationship with myself first, before all others, which I do not do. I’ll reschedule things to do for me quite often. Some healthy habits I do have for myself are speaking up for what I believe in. I also want to create consistency and more reliability in being my word.

Lastly, for now, I also believe I need to see others as whole. If I relate and interact with others as whole, that will alter their experience of me and my experience of me, my world, and others. I want to LOOK for wholeness in others, instead of whats missing.

Today, I am going to interact with others as though all I can see is their perfection, and be generous in my wholeness as much as I can. That is my assignment, just for today.

Thank you for being on my journey ❤


1/40 Days Of Wholeness


Well, good afternoon!

TBH I’m a bit rusty at sending out these emails, I remembered and forgot 3 times this morning. 🙂 I’ll get back into the swing of things. Again, as a reminder, if at any time you’d like to discontinue receiving emails simply reply STOP.

Starting off my journey I’d like to talk about desire vs frustration. Isn’t frustration/anger just unfulfilled desire? I feel that if we look at this way we can still access our desires through looking at our frustrations differently. They are also a desire. And, if we zoom out from the specificity of the desire or frustration we can see who we really are as people instead of staring at the situational side of things.

Example, lets say I get very frustrated about people not putting their shopping carts into the proper aisle in the parking lot. If I ‘zoom out’ I can see that I’m someone who loves organization and being considerate of others. By looking at the frustration a different way I see myself in the light rather than the world in frustration. This is now a space for me to contribute and make a difference.

This knowing of ourselves, altering our perspective, and loving how we see things is a starting point for our wholeness bc it puts the reaction to circumstance in our hands, and not in the hands of the world. This very nature is how we are whole. No one can make us whole. Only God and our Selves can do that.

Sending love to all, thanks for being on the other side!



Good morning all!

First and foremost, I sincerely want to thank you (again) for being on the other side. Knowing that you were out there made a big difference for me. It gave me accountability and a feeling of vulnerability and contribution. Just by your interest in me I felt valued and supported in my growth. It transformed my areas with a lack of self-love into a place to connect with others. By your desire to connect to yourselves, me and to grow, you transformed this experience for me. So, deeply, thank you.

Thank you to those of you who replied from time to time or consistently. It also made a big difference to me to know that the emails were being read, appreciated, and thought about. I appreciated hearing from people I knew and didn’t know.

Here is what I can recall that I’ve learned of from this experience.

1. Self-love is not something that falls out of the sky. It takes experience and its up to us.

2. I can complete something powerfully if I put my mind to it.
3. No man or thing is going to rescue me. I have to ‘rescue’ myself. (for me that is through God.)
4. I sometimes kept people at a distance to keep myself ‘safe’ and then complained about not having more close friends.
5. A very easy way to find energy in life is to view it from opportunity rather than obligation.

6. Constant shifting in my learning approach is important to perpetual growth.
7. People care about me and value what I have to say. Its important to remember that in order to carry out my purpose.
8. I saw myself much less sexy than others see me and I’m working on expressing that publicly.
9. Although Self-love is something that takes work, you also must choose to start.
10. You can start to love right now, by loving the ‘now,’ knowing that its already perfect.
These are just some of my journey, and again I’m so grateful for this and being able / willing to complete!

I am not sure if I will take on another project yet, I grew a lot from this and its discipline, however, I’d love to keep in touch with you all that signed up. If you would like to STOP receiving any emails from me in the future about updates or new projects I take on, simply reply STOP. 🙂

Thanks for being on the other side!! We did it!

Love is the reward for love.



Good morning all!

Hope you are doing well. As I mentioned yesterday, I am 3 weeks into a course on eliminating self-sabotage, and its been very revealing, along with the help of the EFT work I’ve been doing with Dr. Damon Andrew for the past few months.

This week we are approaching the emotions we run from or hide from. I am proud to say I really do feel like I take my emotions on, I’m not afraid of them, and a tremendous amount of that ability has been due to Christ, Landmark, and LAST YEAR! As I’ve mentioned before, last year was TOUGH. I really was in student mode and it taught me a tremendous amount about being uncomfortable, which was excellent and has really transformed my whole life because now, much more often than not, I’m able to ENJOY the CHALLENGES, and when I can’t enjoy them, I’m still able to enjoy myself despite. That is freedom for me!

So, lately, with this feeling of closeness to my own heart and bounds of clarity and self-love, I asked my self what still gets in my way. A lot of it is simply mind-wandering! I have so much on my plate that I try to juggle all these thoughts in my head. I started researching some information on mind-wandering to get a better feel and understanding. It was pretty eye opening. One of the tools I appreciated the most was that scheduling time for us to daydream and mind-wander had our mind stay more focused when it was ‘requested’ to, so to speak. When the Self knows it will come, it will be patient.

And, isn’t that so true? We’re always living into our future. This sentence was one of the biggest clarities provided for me in Landmark. There is a certain us when we’re about to go on vacation vs when that vacation is about to end. We are what we anticipate is coming.

What future does your mind have set for today, tomorrow, this month and this year? What can you create or re-create to live into a more exciting future? And, including the inventory you may or may not have taken, how can you re-write your future instead of continuing to be stuck in your growth?

Thank you for being on the other side 🙂



Good afternoon everyone!

Hope your day is going well so far.

Today I am super excited to share with you all that I’m 2 weeks into taking a course on Self-Sabotage (not how to do it, how not to! haha) and its really interesting! So far there has been reading assignments, meditations, interviews and lists I’ve needed to make. One of the lists I needed to make was “What have lifes biggest lessons been for me?” As I peeked back into my past, I realized that everything challenging I faced only impacted me bc of my lack of self-love and clarity, and so it felt amazing to see that my biggest lessons have always been about loving and knowing Self. There is not going to be someone who saves me or rescues me! And this is great news, because then *that* means no one can take my joy and self-love away.

Another great lesson I see is about expression, whether that is around what my needs and wants are or simply in my art. Feeling expressed is SO important, whether that is through words, painting, calligraphy, dance, or laughter. Its so important to express and to be *fully* expressed.

I hope that all of you have enjoyed this journey of self-exploration for me. It has definitely increased my self-love and awareness and has also triggered my expansion of passion for internal growth, in reflection and prayer.

Just a few more days to go! Can you believe it? Thanks for being on the other side 🙂