Day 3/100

Todays exercise was to list my support groups and create a plan to develop them in some way. I found this important for self-love in the way that we love ourselves because know ourselves. These people and things are a large part of my health but also will play a big part in the success of my completion of 100-day project and the continuation of my Self-Love every day of my life.

For my support groups, I came up with 2 categories, physical (people) and creational (tools.)

In my physical I found my sisters, my guru, my challengers and my family. In my creational I found Christ (#1 over everything) and Self, using the tools of Landmark, Meditation, Journaling and Dance.

One thing that is important for me to remember today is that in this new process of growth I will not immediately be where I want to be. But what will happen are CHALLENGES that I will win and lose at, but my definition of losing will have altered, bc I now have a new ability that is possible to me mentally. This may, at times, feel like a loss but it is ALWAYS a win because the MEASUREMENT has changed.

Sending you all love and growth today! Happy Sunday!

Psalm 47:1

O clap your hands, all peoples; Shout to God with the voice of joy.

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