“You have to show the Universe you’re fucking serious about loving yourself.” — Joni (Best Friend)
Good morning!
I have a 730am drive to LA this morning and wanted to still take the time to make sure I got my message out before it got too late.
Yesterday’s assignment for me was to call 10 people that I was grateful for and acknowledge them for who they are in my life and what they’ve done for me. It was really rewarding. Taking the time to call the people that have really been there for me, supported me and been a space for my growth, I felt like I should be doing this more often! It was great for both of us and also for our friendships and relationships.

So, I contacted 9 people and could not think of a 10th. Then I realized my 10th person is me! I have two phones for work, so I called myself on the phone and thanked myself for being there for me, for supporting me, even sometimes protecting me. I told myself I was proud of me, I was grateful for who I am, and I loved myself. It was very rewarding and I definitely cried a lil bit. Ok more than a lil bit. I found myself not wanting to share that with you all because it was so personal, but then I thought to myself… then what the heck am I doing this blog for? I’m here to be exposed, to share things that work for me and don’t work for me. And I love myself so thats all good!

I am feeling the benefits of having clarified my support systems, already things are becoming more clear for me and its very exciting!

Last but not least, yesterday in my guided meditation I was told to pick up a book that was my life manual and read what the title was. The title I read was “How To Be Your Badass Self.” The title was not how to become, because we already are. And what was also very interesting was a very long chapter on “How To STAY Being A Badass.” I am glad because I am setting up structures that will keep my clarity and healthy habits in place, long after my 100 days of Self Love, and isn’t that the point?

Thanks for being on the other side. If you weren’t on the email before today and/or you’d like to read the first days you can check out my blog.


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