imagesHappy One Week of Self Love to me!! I made it. 

Already I have been taking on new challenges and really building my awareness of my world. Last night, at Diggs Deeper, I chose a very difficult song. It was an acapella. I dressed in leggings and a rolled up t-shirt. This is difficult for me bc I don’t feel covered. You can see my body. I realized I am always waiting to dress sexy once my body gets “there.” And last night I wanted to love myself “now” instead of waiting until I got to some goal. I don’t think I danced that well, and I don’t care, because I still won. I didn’t win the war, but I won a battle, which means I approached the conflict, anyway. This is the choice of life – to run from that which disempowers you or to face it head on, willing to struggle and fail until you overcome it.

These steps to me are showing me a truer, deeper confidence and relationship to myself. That, and also realizing that the idea of waiting to be perfect to do something leaves me constantly procrastinating and secluding myself from others simply bc I’m in transition. Can’t we all just be a little messy? Do we have to have it all figured out in order to show up? Or does showing up actually have us figure it out easier?
As I finish up this 1st week I am reflecting on the ways this process has already impacted me in small ways:

1. More willing to take on challenges

  1. More awareness of my support
  2. More ability to pull myself out of poor habits with my new structures
  3. More laughter
  4. More honesty

I realize I am only at the tip of the tip, but its still a beautiful view.

Thank you for being on the other side!

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