Move slowly, so you can enjoy the details.

Good morning all!

Today’s focus is on creating my powerful week ahead. Today I did my one hour of prayer and meditation. During this time I write down pressing questions that are on my heart and mind, anything I’m worrying about. I ask God to send me clarity on all things. This is hands down one of the most empowering things I do. Because I get clear on what I truly want, who I am inside of those desires, and what I’m going to do, I have faith in my actions and choices bc I feel God in each step.

In todays meditative prayer, He reminds me to focus on my art, my purpose, he returns me back to my smile and enjoying the moment, without wondering about whats in front of me.

I re-wrote my guidelines for the week as well as new affirmations. I find that all too soon they become repetitive and less vibrational. I believe I will re-write them each week, and/or keep any of them that I feel are still powerful enough to re-use.

Today’s to-do for Self-Love is to speak life into everyone I come across, speak about or interact with. Speaking life and love instead of judgment, pessimism or doubt is so important for transforming our thoughts and minds. It also impacts how others interact with us.

Today, I appreciate you all so much, some of you who don’t even personally know me, wanting to be on my journey with me while I discover a whole new world of love and respect for my Self. Without you this wouldn’t have the same impact.

Thank you for being on the other side!

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