Good morning everyone!

Yesterday was the start of a new week for me, I re-created my 5 guidelines for the week, I feel that they are even more empowering and centering for my life. Here they are:

  • 1. Your life will follow your focus. Always be creating as you want it. 
  • 2. You are responsible for all of your feelings. Transform them to power and self-love. 
  • 3. Know what you want, go after it with all your heart, and be at peace with any outcome. 
  • 4. The times you feel the most difficult need the most open-ness. 
  • 5. Move slowly so you can enjoy the details. 
  • 6. Breathe, smile, laugh, appreciate. 

    Ok, so there’s 6, I couldn’t resist! I also re-wrote a new set of approx 20 affirmations. Reading new ones feels more invigorating and fun.

    One thing I want to make sure of is that my daily maintenance is enough to have an impact and not so much that it gets exhausting over time. So for now, my commitment is to morning journaling and reflection, and a weekly prayer hour. Inside of that things can alter.

    One of my focuses for the week is to set an intention for each day in the morning. Yesterday it was speaking life into people. I’m not typically someone who gossips or looks down on others, but I haven’t been someone who seeks out speaking life into others. I often relate to others as their past and protect and so on. So, yesterday I really took the time to slow down and appreciate who that person was in that moment, and acknowledge them mentally and verbally. This was a warm experience and I felt more open to people in general.

    That is the start of my week! I have a busy next couple of days which I’m looking forward, and a busy week next week getting ready for Carnival. ❤

    Hope you all are loving your Self and getting something from these blogs!
    Love now,

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