Good afternoon everyone!

First: Congrats to me!!

I am in the double digits today 🙂 This has already been such a wonderful journey, I can’t wait to continue development in these areas, leaving me with a fuller sense of self-love and awareness, expression and joy, and possibly having that being contagious to others along the way.

A bit of a later start today, I am in San Francisco, now at the airport, leaving a wonderful and short trip here, asked to judge a Waacking competition. I continue to manifest these situations that are in line with my projects right now. The name of this event was “You Are Magic,” it was dedicated to the education and awareness of who you truly are, completely loving your body and image right where it is, and reminding us that even being alive is a blessing and joy. I was surrounded by very unique individuals, all committed to celebrating self and self-love. How perfect.

It had me open up a bit more during my judges demo, not only allowing me to go to places creatively that felt more fun, but even guiding me towards them, celebrating them. Energy is absolutely contagious.

Your life will follow your focus – always focus on what you’re creating as you want it to be.

This week I am committed to focusing on my art, talking about my art, creating energy around my art instead of around my problems. Thats the energy focus I choose! ❤ Join me?

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