Lucky #13 🙂

Yesterday’s mission was to speak life into everyone I interacted with, to stay with God all day, not just my morning time reflections. I created this assignment because I felt that the morning time was the strongest and clearest for me and would lose some clarity as the day continued.

I would say I stayed present to my focuses and teachings longer than normal, however, definitely there’s still a difference for me as the day continues. So, now, I’m going to do mini-check ins at lunch and dinner time and before bed. Why not? Just a brief peak at the things I wrote down, who I am, my affirmations, or something to put some refreshing thought on my mental plate. I constantly work on other things, so why not work on myself all day? Its easy to forget what our intention is for something. So, for today, along with my assignment to meditate, I am going to re-presence myself to my intention for the day.

While checking in with God is a beautiful thing to do in the mornings, my goal is realistically to be with Him all the time. This is the practice I’m seeking. This whole project is not a destination journey but a journey journey. The goal is the practice. The consistency is the goal, not the end. That feels a lot like dancing through life.

What do you think?

One thought on “13/100

  1. Totally agree. Getting into the practice of consistency is the goal and just like dancing through life. It’s on going and doesn’t have an end.

    Also, You hit on the nail about feeling so connected in the morning after journaling/being with god to then lose that connectedness and power throughout the day. It’s hard to maintain but with you creating these check ins seems to be a great way to build the practice of maintaining it all day.

    I will also take this on myself and see how it changes how connected I feel with God and my intention throughout the entire day.

    Let me know how it goes for you (:


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