​There is something Twyla Tharp refers to as the Hemingway bridge. This is the bridge an artist creates to go from one project to the next, without losing motivation and steam. There’s that emptiness that precedes the completion of a big project, whether artistic or not. And I learned about this sentiment last night as I was studying powerful female choreographers, and thought it was perfect timing for the season we are currently in.

Yesterday was a big day of thanks, of celebrating family and friends and food. And here we are today, rushing around malls, shopping on Amazon, frantically sifting to find the best deal under the guise of generosity.

I am calling myself and anyone who’d like to join to Hemingway Bridge this thanksgiving day into our day to day. While I no longer honor the holiday as it was taught to me in schools, I understand that for many its a time to honor family and good times. For me, now, its about remembering those who suffered, its about staying mindful and compassionate, about speaking the truth and not ignoring those truths even if it might inconvenience my beliefs. That is my way of honoring God. Regardless, whatever yesterday meant to you as an individual, thats perfect, and let us bridge the gap between that and the rest of our days, taking time to celebrate these family and friends, these times to sit down and reflect more often.

I continue to focus on creating more joy and release in my life, allowing me to accept my crooked smile, my big ears, my veiny feet, and all that makes Jojo a Jojo. Inside of this is more unconditional love for others, and because of this acceptance I get to see more and more details.

The journey of Self Love really is indescribable, but its having many more blessings than I could have imagined. I hope you are joining me!

I LOVE hearing from you, please always feel free to reply! Ask me questions, open discussion, offer suggestions. ❤

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