I once was doing a ‘medical survey’ when I first moved to LA, you essentially try out medication to receive a payment. Its a fancy term for being a guinea pig. At one point I had to sit in a doctors office with another woman for 4 hours while they managed our heart rate after taking medication. The nurse came in and took both of our stats after about an hour. When she checked the woman’s stats, she stated that they were really high. Since we had only been sitting there in a room, she asked her if she had been thinking about something stressful. That never left me. The connection between mind and body isn’t some magical ‘perhaps’ thing. Its an absolute.

Our body reacts to our feelings.


And so its this connectivity that is among so, so many things in life, I might even suggest in all things! Theres a connectivity present, and it runs through and through, like the bible, full of analogies and beautiful symbolism.

When I’m in a situation, especially a difficult one, I am learning to take the time to ask myself not only WHY, but why THIS situation? What did I ask for, what am I desiring to transform in that this is changing in me?

Rilke said “Why must you cast out anything that is fear, anxiety and doubt, when you yourself have asked for nothing as much as change?” (Paraphrase)

We ask for transformation and then regard difficulties with frustration. I know I usually hope for the effects of sandpaper without any roughness.

So, for me, its not only about accepting that transformation comes with this ‘sandpaper’ of life, but its important and helpful for me to look at the situation with specific glasses and ask… why THIS? What is this creating in me? This helps me to accept it and yes… even to enjoy it at times.

Enjoying our frustrations and challenges … is that enlightenment? I surely know it to be peace and it certainly helps with Self-Love. Its my world I live in, embracing all other worlds. My world, no one can mess with it, not even difficulty and change. ❤

I LOVE hearing from you, please always feel free to reply! Ask me questions, open discussion, offer suggestions. ❤

Thank you for being on the other side!



Psalm 47:1

O clap your hands, all peoples; Shout to God with the voice of joy.

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