Well, today has been full of surprises, but nevertheless here I am loving myself and committed to sharing with you daily.

Sorry for my delay!

My focus today and last night has been the difference between sharing myself authentically and publicizing myself, sometimes just for reaction. I feel like a lot of my work has been making sure that I’m committed to my social media presence. This is so reiterated as an entrepreneur, and the focus is less on value or content as much as quantity and tactic.

And on some levels that’s fine!

But of course on a personal level I want to do different. I want to be better. I want to share myself and let it be vulnerable. I want to do it even if others might not agree. If I believe in it, if I feel it’s with and from god, that’s all that matters to me.

So I’m sending love and encouragement to everyone today to share themselves in the most authentic way you know how, as much as you can. What a world that would be!!!

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