Yesterday was … well it was the pits. My body had a minor gluten reaction and my 4 hour drive turned into a 6.5 hour drive, making me late to rehearsal, without having time to eat or workout. The pits.
And I was pretty grumpy except for rehearsal, TBH.
Later that night when I finally sat down to eat, and I prayed, I heard God say “you were grumpy today.” I giggled. Then I heard “How can I give you bigger challenges if you can’t stay present for the easy ones?”
Every day is practice.

I apologized to Jade (who of course just shrugged and said “Don’t apologize, you’re human!”) but in my own heart I knew I could be better. Even if I allow myself some grumpy, I can still be graceful on the outside, and smile knowing I’m being prepared for bigger challenges.

That’s whats on my plate today. And gluten-free chicken nuggets.

Sending you all some very serious love! I have been receiving more questions and answers from you all, I LOVE IT! Keep it coming. 🙂

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