Congratulations to me!!! I am 1/5 of the way through! 

So happy and grateful to have some me time this morning to be alone with my thoughts, reflect, build, and visit my internal world. I am truly loving it here, and can honestly say I miss it when I don’t have time here.

This morning I wrote my 3rd set of guidelines and affirmations which I will share with you below.

But first, I want to share my reflection on the importance of distinguishing short term vs long term impact. One thing I’ve realized in this short time of these 20 days of SL, is that I hardly ever put a lot of projected effort into the things I want to do FOR MYSELF. When its for art, when its for others, I have no problem, but when its something I’m investing into just for me, I really haven’t valued that effort as much. Why?

Well, I firmly believe that the former, serving others, has a more instant gratification, but has always left me feeling empty in the long run. The thing is, I’ve been building foundation around the world, around things of the world and in the world, instead of building my world and letting all things come and go. If we felt our world was complete and whole, wouldn’t we be so much more indifferent to the goings on of the world?

I feel we would.

And so what I’m really present to this morning is the understanding of this long term validation. Building a home of peace rather than renting one out that can be taken at any time. Perhaps if I truly understand and respect and honor this difference my choices can have more ease. I think if I really got this at a deep level, not just in the mind, but in the spirit I would take time to project this effort every day into me, build my world and respect my wants and desires. If others saw me putting all this love and energy into me, that would also alter how they interact w me, of course, but the point is to continuously build this lovely world.

At the end of the day it always comes back to Self Love. This is the starting point for everything.

I absolutely love this project which really wouldn’t feel the same without you all on the other side. Just FYI 60 people signed up for these emails, and that feels really great.

Here are my “Guidelines” for this week 🙂

1. Live your questions so you can live your way into the answers.

2. The most difficult obstacle in the way of your freedom is you.
3. Try to have every action you do be a prayer.
4. The smile God gave you is a gift to others.
5. Authenticity is the goal.
6. Giggle.

Thanks for being on the other side!

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