Yesterday I bought myself a balloon, and it made me so happy! I bought it as a congratulations for making it 20/100 days. It didn’t cross my mind very often before to congratulate and acknowledge and celebrate my mini-victories the way I do for others until these days. Sometimes I’d reward myself with food or some kind of glutenous behavior, but this is an actual reward, a loving gift to my Self. It really felt good.

Then, I came home, cooked for myself and I made my plate of food look pretty. I usually have only done this as little surprises for others. But, I did it for me. And that really felt good.

If I treat myself with this much honor and respect, that will naturally surround me and as it continues to build my inner world, I feel at peace, more independent and giggly. 🙂 Plus… the word balloons is so cute!

Today, maybe you can take the time to give yourself a special little treat, something that you may not think twice about giving to others but wouldn’t do for yourself.

LMK how it goes! ❤
Thanks for being on the other side!

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