I feel like my cloudy period of transition and pessimism and confusion is behind me. Why? I’m not sure.. EXACTLY. But I believe its because last night I made a firm choice to conquer my personal demons, to keep on keeping on, to not let difficulty stop me from being who I am. This choice, along with supportive friends and loved ones, is something that just has me pumped up and energized today. I felt so free, motivated and vibrational. I received so many messages today, I definitely feel like the Universe responded to this energy shift.

I would like to invite anyone that wants to to join me on my Self-Love tour 🙂

Here is my probably changing formula:

Write 5 guidelines & 20 affirmations

1 hour of prayer/meditation/talking to higher power
Make a list of 8 things to do (one a day) to love on myself
Journal entries
Recite guidelines & affirmations
Pick one thing on the list (I get to not do one of them – no stress!)

This is something that has created awareness for me, more love, more joy, more vibration. I truly feel todays energy shift is due in part to knowing what I’m worth, being mindful of the shortness of life, TRUE confidence and knowing I can conquer any part of myself, I can transform any part of me.

Sending you all love!

Psalm 47:1

O clap your hands, all peoples; Shout to God with the voice of joy.

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