I DID IT! I am one quarter of the way through. I have been developing so much self AWARENESS inside of learning how to love myself. I also find it easier to deal with uncomfortable situations, to express myself honestly and calmly and to dedicate myself to the things I truly want.

Todays focus is on presenting myself powerfully. All too often I found myself either being lazy with my appearance, feeling like its not worth it or a big deal. But I ALWAYS feel better when I make myself feel good with clothing and arranging my hair and minimal makeup. ALWAYS. Not only in my appearance as far as clothes, but also how I’m holding my body posture and face. What am I expressing to people. Do I curve in when I hug them? Just being aware of any old habits that my body language is conveying will help me peek into any old mental clutter thats in the way of my confidence.

I’m excited to see what I see! šŸ˜‰

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