Hey everyone! 🙂

I hope your day was well.

Yesterday’s assignment was about mindfulness in how I present myself, in both my looks as far as dress and hair, and also body language.

Reflection of yesterdays assignment: I found myself just overall being more mindful about who I was being and how it altered from person to person. Taking the time to take care of myself was so enjoyable. I found myself being more slow and mindful. It trickled over into today as well. I definitely want to continue practicing this. The only thing I noticed in regards to my body language was a particular slouching that didn’t feel like it expressed confidence. I also enjoyed smiling more and making eye contact.

Today was a busy day, full of dance and a bit of a day off, but again, I noticed yesterdays noticing today and that was insightful in and of itself. Tomorrow I will take on another daily assignment and message you all in the morning!

Have a wonderful rest of your night 🙂

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