I had a wonderful talk with my Guru this morning about the process of things such as art projects and relationships. He, Mike, was saying that often times when we feel passionate about something we’ll sometimes find that the Universe will push us forward and sometimes push us back. When we feel that something is stopping us we need to make sure we first, acknowledge that and 2, don’t stop but simply re-assess and re-direct.
So, I’ve been writing a show that I’ve wanted to do for months now and can’t seem to get it to work, so we talked about how to re-assess, re-direct and start again.
I love this because I so often find that when something ‘doesn’t work out’ (the way I want it to) I used to find myself so frustrated, so much resistance, even sometimes victimization if I don’t catch it quick enough. However, if I persevere through whatever difficulty comes up, I come out with something that was even stronger than before. Yes, I have experienced this
effect (I like to call it) many times before. It actually reminds me of being in Japan and working with Travis Payne and Stacy Walker. The musical we were working on was going smoothly until the ‘boss’ wanted us to completely revamp the finale. I was so frustrated!! But Stacy told me (15 years my senior) “Oh I just love when this happens.” In confusion I asked why?? She said the product always comes out better than before and it would have never gotten there without the re-direction. This is always when I get my most unique ideas.
So, today I tell you! Even when we lose we win! Remember God is always on your side, always re-directing you. Remember, it doesn’t mean quit, it means re-assess, re-direct and re-start.
Sending you all love!

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