Well, let me start off by saying that this weekend was absolutely amazing. In multiple ways I felt that I explored both through and past certain boundaries, finding inside of it and around it breakthrough, clarity and perseverance.

I visited my beautiful hometown, we call it the DMV for the tri-state area Dc, Md, Virginia respectively. This area is so unique for many reasons, one I’d say is the extreme differences in mentalities in a close quarter such as DC. In the murder capital of the world sits Congress and some of the most Republican Republicans you can meet. Secondly, again with vast contradictions you have very differing dance communities. Because of this you see multiple underground styles come together such as Beat Ya Feet and Baltimore Club along side of the Hip Hop and freestyle scene. There’s also a full city in the middle of a bunch of suburbs, which leads to extensive cross-pollination of cultures. I believe this creates a lot of energy and hype in a variety of people, sharing many different backgrounds.

It was wonderful to go home and experience the energy that built myself and many of the other powerful leading artists in LA from the DMV area. I am proud to say the least.

Inside of this trip, as I said, I uncovered some truths about myself. Briefly, I can tell you that all of them surrounded closeness. Not only closeness to people, but closeness to exactness, closeness to excellence, closeness to completion, closeness to being #1. Closeness to intimacy of anything. Being close to being close, if you will.

I have definitely realized I have some blocks about doing the exact task at hand, getting incredibly intimate with myself, I am more comfortable being #2 than #1, I am somehow fearful of being intimately and innately on task, exact, precise. This is uncomfortable for me. What does that mean about me? If I was close it would mean I’m vulnerable, viewable, I am defined. You can see me. And/or, I am TOO powerful and that has too much responsibility. It fractures the idea of being coddled when I might be scared later… right?

I know it is not an overnight project, but I am beginning, and now, starting to remove these chains from being the absolute most expressed version of myself, today, I move into a more crisp exertion of myself, of my talents, of my purpose, my voice and what I believe in. A bolder, not louder, more brilliant and expressed clearly me.

I believe this is called self-actualization.

Sending you all so much love, thank you for being on the other side. ❤


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