Today is the start of a new week, and a new day, and we’re getting close to the new year. This has us, usually as a society ready to make new goals, as we are inspired and ready to move up in the world.

But, wait… why is that??

Why New Years?

I believe its because we’re left with the feeling of freshness, we feel like bc of this date and time its ok to dust our mistakes off, to start again. But its important for us to remember, mistakes are completely fine, and the best athletes, inventors and artists get incredibly comfortable inside of making them, and thats how they fine tune themselves and their craft.

I read today on a daily devotional about regret, about how wrong choices lead to regret. I’ll be honest, I think this is a tricky topic to live by. How can you know its wrong in that moment? The only way you could even have regret is from growth, so why is there regret? Regret is literally a measuring device that you’ve come farther than the person you were before, says Pastor Toure. What a powerful belief system to have instead.

So, today, ironically close to NYE, I’m saying we should start every day with the ability to be fresh, to start on July 14th to create our goals for the next year. And while I COMPLETELY believe in the power of seasons, I also believe we don’t have to wait for life to happen to us, we don’t have to wait for Jan 1st to change our life, and we certainly don’t need to carry a cross of regret to stop us from growing even further.

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