Change your thoughts and change your world!

Good morning my people 🙂

How can we change our thoughts? Certainly not new conversation or ideas here, but perhaps we can slim down what this calls forth to its most basic or common challenge?
We all know by now that the brain is a muscle, it simply is a muscle, just like our other muscles and in order to re-shape a muscle you have to go to the gym. So what is the mental gym? Transition aka challenges.
The difficulty of the mental gym is we don’t determine when it happens. When I go to the physical gym although I often don’t feel like it, I still have to chose it to get there. In a mental gym its more like ‘boom here’s the gym time to work out now… oh and also this.’

So, yes, I feel that the mental development comes most during challenge. But is that really the mental gym? Or … is it the competition?

So, perhaps we can then workout to prepare for the unexpected self-battles.

Here are some ideas on how to workout your mental muscle so you conquer your pop up competitions:

1. Start little. When something little doesn’t go your way (they forgot to give you ketchup) hold your body tall, smile and laugh. When someone doesn’t call you back give yourself some ‘me’ time. Look at everything like its an advantage, its a way for you to practice detachment and self-love. Its you manifesting a gift to yourself, a freedom gift!

2. Practice in repetition – daily affirmations and self-love talk. Sing about how much you love yourself, and/or have a go-to saying that you can say to yourself in moments of potential disempowerment.

3. Atleast once a week have a deep sit down with God to talk about where your life is and what choices to make. What better way to have faith and confidence than to feel connected to God about you being on the right track?

Just some daily thoughts for today that I feel will help me (hopefully you too) on strengthening our mental muscle for those pop up competitions! Stay ready, stay loving! ❤ And if you lose the competition, thats a competition as well. Atleast you showed up!!

Thank you all for being on the other side!

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