Good evening everyone!

Hope your weekend was productive, relaxing, fun or whatever you intended it to be. Mine was productive and spontaneous. I ended up going out last night to hear live music and left feeling rewarded and vibrational!

Todays focus is on intention. I am setting an intention for the week as well as an intention for each day. The focus for this week is “Excellent Execution.” I just love how that sounds! My goal is to really carve away clutter, clear out unnecessary mental and physical habits, and create space for more goodness. I am doing this by dancing with more clarity, getting rid of unworn clothing, and decreasing clutter where I can in my home.

When I create a daily intention in the mornings my day has so much more clarity and quietness. I tend to be able to feel more peace in daily interaction, deal with surprises easier, and speak more life into others. I also love a daily intention bc it creates a sensation that each day feels new. So often we wait until larger moguls come by to create that empowerment for change but every sunrise is a new chance. ❤ Its a beautiful sentiment for the now!

I hope you all are enjoying your emails! Please tell me, whats your intention for the week/day?

Thanks for being on the other side,

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