Hey all,

Despite my very late email, please believe I was all ABOUT my intention today! (Reminder: it was/is excellent execution.) I created something called “The Big 5” for myself. It pays homage to ‘The Big 5’ in Africa, (the 5 animals you hope to see on Safari) thus, it reminds me of my trip with my mother 2 years ago. But, The Big 5 is 5 things I need to do to get a check mark for the day, and the goal is to get as many check marks as I can for the month!

This tracking has really helped me stay on task by
1. helping prioritize what those 5 things are

2. remember them
3. feel accomplished at the end of the day.

It really is the little things for me. Anywho, today is day 2 of accomplishing my Big 5! Go me.

Inside of the excellent execution I am making a goal for myself to start getting these emails out in the mornings so you all have them during your work each day. I’m sure you anxiously anticipate them! 😉

Have you done anything to focus on your intention for the week?

Self love, for me, anyway, is really both an action and a feeling. I wanted it to magically appear, but thats not how that really works is it? Or … is it? I suppose at any time I could just say… hey Ok, I fully love and accept myself! Bam!!….. But wait… do I mean it?

So, I suppose its like peddling a bicycle. You can’t have one peddle without the other; action / reaction. Its a pretty beautiful cycle, and as long as you’re moving you’re keeping balance…

Thank you for being on the other side!

Love is the reward for love.

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