40 days and 40 nights Jesus walked in the desert… What a significant length of time. I feel that today represents the beginning of real internal transformation for me. The consistency then builds a character inside of us, rather than a doing. As I was saying last night, the emotion is followed up with action. The action creates the emotion. They circle one another. And, once momentum is created, one finds effortless balance.

Perhaps 40 days is when something becomes more natural and innate. I do find myself reacting to people and situations in a more honest way. Thats a big difference I see. I’m able to speak my truth more clearly to people, without a sense of hiding, and that has me able to share that feeling and feel it in a way that isn’t judgmental. In regards to reactions to situations, I find myself focused on the long term. Even in the moment if something isn’t feeling clear, I remember that there’s a bigger plan I’m aware of.

So, I’m clear that Self-Love REALLY DOES allow me to contribute to others more. I had always heard that taking care of yourself first (the oxygen mask analogy) is the only way to really help someone else.

It makes sense to me in a different light.

Additionally, when I was being “unselfish” before, it was simply just a way of me sort of covering up something else. Usually, it was a way of staying quiet and calling it peaceful. Or it was a way of not asking for what I want bc then I wouldn’t be babied. In the end, we do deserve what we want, when its what we REALLY want. And we can have that.

And that… is honesty.

Where are you not taking care of yourself where you can be? Where are you choking your voice and calling it unselfish? Where are you hiding yourself and calling it insecurity? Its not… its all selfishness and protection. And the key is SELF LOVE!!

Only 10 days away from being half way through!! I suspect more balloons in my future!! 🙂
Thanks for being on the other side!

Love is the reward for love.

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