Good morning!

Who read the link yesterday? I wanted to give you a chance to read it for yourself, but if you haven’t by now, you probably won’t, so this is the story:

A boy wants to run away, he sits his parents down to tell him. The parents nod their heads and thank him for letting them know. Mom watches from the balcony as the boy walks off, backpack in tact, complete with the essential football, some snacks, and so on. As he gets just past the lake, he takes a seat to think, comes back home in time for dinner. Mom asks him how his time away was. He said “I think it would have been better if I didn’t pack so much in my bag.”

Mom immediately realizes the analogy and lesson; our experiences can be so much more enjoyable when we are with them, without all the ‘stuff’ and ‘baggage.’ Such a beautiful story.

But what I really needed to hear was moreso the viewpoint of the mother. So often I try to restrict others from living their questions because I feel (accent on I) that this is a mistake. But she was way wiser than I. She let him go off and live his questions, so that he could learn that for himself.

I think for me the most valuable lesson in the whole story was faith. Now, thats not to say she didn’t keep an eye out, but she was clear that someone with this question will keep having this question unless its LIVED, for no one can answer that for him.

Where am I not living my questions?
Where am I not allowing others to live theirs because I (accent on I) believe its not their best choice?
Where am I bringing along baggage unnecessarily thats dampening my experience?

Where am I projecting my baggage onto others, hoping they’ll learn from my mistakes, knowing they need to live their own?

These questions were stirred and it was lovely. If you did read the story, what did you get from it? Anything different?

Thanks for being on the other side!! ❤

Love is the reward for love.

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