I feel excited and empowered today, I had a great completion class for 2017 with all the team members on my organization, Diggs Deeper, and as well with my students today. We got ‘complete’ with anything we needed to say to each other to go into 2018 with nothing hanging on… You might remember the ‘baggage’ story of the other day!
Both of these processes taught me a lot about the power of one on one time to check in with another individual. There were no fires to put out, but there was perspectives that had been there that could have been looked at sooner. I will say I feel that I am in a really WONDERFUL place in my life. I feel so sturdy, and this year of challenges and uncomfortability is what gave me that strength.

This year I learned how to be more comfortable feeling awkward.

This year I learned that all things that come my way I manifested for one reason or another so enjoy them and be powerful.

This year I learned being powerful means releasing the self-delusion that I have control and stop trying to have it.

This year was tough and absolutely one of my favorites.

I hope you all might find some joy in any awkwardness you had this year, hope you might seek out completion with anyone you haven’t said everything there is to say with, and that you might just love anything that comes your way because, after all, you put it there, and its perfect.

And so are you!

Thanks for being on the other side!!

Jojo ❤

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