Good morning, and Happy Holidays, and if today is Christmas for you, Merry Christmas ❤

Yesterday I wrote about how we must be willing to look at our family new, to relate to and honor their ever changing selves, disregarding the length of our memories.

And later on yesterday, I realized we must also do this with our viewpoint on HOW we interact with them. What I mean is, there is probably a habitual sensation, patterns, a way, mannerisms, viewpoints, even phrases that we constantly find ourselves thinking or speaking to our family members. So, in order for that relationship to really alter, how WE are in respect to it must alter. We have to pay attention and transform who WE are. Just as we want to give them a new chance to grow and become a greater person, we are also responsible for how we are in those situations.

I know that I used to be a certain person in the dynamic of my family and I was that way NO WHERE ELSE in my life. I had to really be intentional in transforming my relationship to them. Again, yes, we have to alter how we see them, but also in order to create a new relationship we must take a look at how we are with them and then alter what person we are with them (if we want to.)

For some of you you may have a wonderful, solid friendship with your family already, and that is great! Is it at its absolute maximum potential? (If yes, please share!!!) I suppose this reflection of how we can look at others newly and also interact with them newly can be applied to anyone where we are tolerating any relationship, or there is conflict, whether it friends, family or acquaintances.

Either way, thank you for letting me share these thoughts of mine with you, it gives me an opportunity to grow, be a kinder and more empowered person, and possibly give someone a more joyful holiday.

Thanks for being on the other side! ❤

Love is the reward for love.

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