Hey Everyone!

My apologies for the evening message, I left my mothers home in AZ this morning around 630am for a 5 hour drive, to come home rest and leave for work for an 8 hour day, including 3 performances. So, needless to say I was prioritizing my rest and am now messaging you at half time of the 2nd show! 🙂

Well, again, I had a wonderful holiday season and feel so encouraged that we are incredibly responsible for how our relationships feel. That could be bad news to you, but its great news to me, bc that means I can transform so many relationships!

Today a quote by Maya Angelou popped up:

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Goodness, she continues to amaze me. If this is true, and we follow our lives to be successful everywhere, and most importantly, can have self-LOVE instead of self-absorption, we can transform our relationships by being someone we’re proud to be, instead of WAITING for the other to transform it, be a better person, give us more assurance, blah blah, etc etc.

With all of this comes tremendous self-love, outside love and freedom.

It all just really excites me. I also noticed that while it feels like a little bit more energy up front, in the end its much easier and smoother and requires much less energy.

Tomorrow is a big day for me!! 50/100! I perform again tomorrow, so won’t be able to take myself out on a date, but I anticipate something of that nature this weekend ❤

Sending love to all, thanks for being on the other side!


Love is the reward for love.


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