Yay! I made it halfway here.

Today I’ll share with you what I’ve learned in my journey:

1. I love balloons more than I thought!
2. The most challenging dancing for me emotionally is slow and slinky

3. With pretty much everything the more work you do in the beginning makes the rest of the entire process easier.
4. When I do what I want I am shaky. When I do what God wants I am confident.
5. My energy inside alters how sexy I feel to myself and how sexy I appear to others.
6. Almost everyone will respond to what you want to talk about so be mindful and powerful.
7. Some people will blame you for their shit. They’re not bad people. They just don’t love themselves like I love my Self!
8. When people are being people I care how they feel, but not what they think about me.
9. I’m annoyed that “womens empowerment” is often reduced to physical and sexual self expression.
10. Loving myself, while its a journey, can begin in any moment, despite how I feel.
11. My thoughts and feelings are not very trustworthy!
12. The more I listen to God, the more my whole life becomes a prayer.
13. I am ok with disagreeing with others the more I love myself.
14. Everyones ‘defects’ are bc of some strength they have.
15. I am my favorite person. 🙂

What have you learned from these emails?

Thank you for being on the other side! It makes a difference for me!

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