Good morning and a special hello to my new recipients who signed up yesterday for my Self-Love journey emails.

Today is a day to recuperate! I had 2 days of 3 shows and my body is sore! But, I still want to train and go to the gym, bc that is a part of what keeps me inspired. Sometimes rest is important for me, and sometimes what I need most is reminding myself why I keep pushing.

As I prepare for 2018 and am deeply reflective on my goals this year, I am so inspired by my Self-Love. Seems kinda obvious, but let me explain.

Since I have increased my love of Self, my world has grown bigger inside. While it has also strengthened my relationships, my detachment to other peoples opinions of me reigns supreme. Because of this, my desire to achieve bigger goals becomes easier because I am not concerned with what others think of it. I am not as focused on what if’s, because the experience I will get to feel with my own self-journey trumps that of the outcome others will see. Additionally, knowing myself is easily sifting through that which is fixing or trying to impress, and that which I am truly deeply passionate about; my purpose.

My connection to Self has me more able to love and more able to separate attachment. I am very excited for this year, coming into it with a new direction and intention has already been transformative. ❤

What are your goals for the year? Thanks for being on the other side!

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