Good morning everyone!
7 years ago, someone told me “There is no such thing as depression or sadness, just the distance from which you are pursuing your life purpose.”

That has never left me.

Today, as you are probably reflecting on your year and the year to come, I’d invite you to remember two things:

1. Everything that happened this year you manifested bc its in your best interest. What is in our best interest? Love. Love of all kinds. Anything stopping us from that full love will send out request for challenges to conquer and learn and be victorious over!

2. Any thing that does not create energy towards your path (remember, we don’t always know what that is) will depart. Often times we struggle with this sensation, but closure is a part of graduation.

I hope you are looking at your year powerfully, for I firmly believe we can re-write history based in our perception.

Sending love, thanks for being on the other side, and I’ll talk to you next year!

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