Good morning everyone! Hope your New Year has been wonderful so far. I am noticing how much people see the relationship of what we are doing during this time to how we are creating our year, and yet, I also feel that this is always a metaphor to notice. Every day in all the little steps are what create our entire life, not just the big moguls.

That being said, I’ve had a much harder time drafting up goals this year bc I don’t have *a lot* of things I want to do, and its been having me feel un-inspired. What’s wrong with me? How come I only have 3 big artistic goals this year? Then I realized that my goals are the biggest goals I’ve shot for, and instead of creating 20 small ones I have 3 big ones, and its enough for me.

Additionally, these goals are what God has put on my heart for now, it doesn’t mean in a months time I won’t know more information, just as I’ve been saying.

So, if you’re struggling to figure out what you want to be doing, just take the next step, create goals around daily healthy habits, and be OK with that, for the habits we have at New Years can benefit us greatly to keep all year round.

What are your goals and/or resolutions this year?
Thanks for being on the other side!

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