One of the things I personally love about my relationship with God is how much it has taught me on how to make things not about me. This helps me in so many ways, learning how to look at things through the eyes of what I believe in, my principles, and my faith.

Even if you don’t believe in a God this is incredibly helpful. When things are about me its hard to have courage. When things are about what I’m standing for it makes it much easier to do what I feel called to do.

Today, as a small assignment, look at where you might feel fear or insecurity and chose a principle instead. Sometimes when I am afraid to go in a cypher if its perhaps intimidating, I do it for women and our equality. It gives me an inner meaning, purpose, push, something bigger than myself.

What can you re-create today? The same actions can have different feelings and purposes.

Sending love! Happy Sunday, thanks for being on the other side.

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