Good morning all!

Today, as I am in the middle of my week, I am embarking upon a challenge with a group of people. Without all the details, this group of people feel protective about some of my efforts to make a difference. There is definitely an older version of me that would (out of my commitment for their growth) stomp the pathway out and almost *force* this growth upon them. Today, I am at peace with being able to be understanding and generous, and possibly swallow what I feel might be best for them, because in the end 2 things are true:

1. One has to be ready to grow in order to grow.

2. Almost everyone knows whats best for themselves ultimately.
Lastly, I am not paralyzed by their thoughts of me, or the concern for the what if’s, and that gives me peace and joy. I could not have this strength without self-awareness, self-love and of course, God.

I hope you all are having a great day. IDK if this is inciteful, but its whats up today so I figured I’d share! ❤

Thanks for being on the other side 🙂

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