So, yesterday I choked. I didn’t majorly choke, but, I didn’t do what I asked to do at the level I can do it at. I came home embarrassed and frankly, disappointed in myself.

And ya, some part of that is still there.

So, today, I’m working on loving myself when I don’t have it all together. I’m reminded to learn how to laugh at myself. but….. I’m mindful that I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t take the steps before I knew I’d need to give myself the confidence. Those are daily steps, weekly steps, and steps immediately before.

And far too often I go rounds and rounds on what this and that means and how to build so and so forth mentally, when sometimes its just about doing the F*ing work!

So, thats my accountability for the day. I am responsible for my confidence based on the preparation I take. Its not always deep. I could also look into why I’m not doing the preparation, but ultimately what needs to happen is the preparation. 🙂

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