Hey everyone, thanks for anyone who read yesterday’s link. I found the link interesting for multiple reasons and wanted to give time to you all to reflect and even try out the techniques before today. For those of you who didn’t read, here’s the quickest of all summaries:

  1. The key programs of human behavior are habit patterns of mind and body.
  2. You can change yourself using pattern interrupts, conditioning, visualization and affirmations, or by acting as if the change has already occurred.

I am someone who believes that 95% of our personalities are from human experience. I used to believe more so that we were specifically made and that the defects we had were simply fate, just “who we truly are.” However, after a few educational courses and practices I have deeply transformed this belief system. This is why I found the article so interesting.

So first question, did you agree with it? On the one hand, I agree with the premise of it, that we can transform (I prefer this word over change) any characteristic that’s holding us back. And while I feel God gave us certain characteristics I also believe that he never would want us to be without power. So yes, we can transform anything.

But, there were key angles that I didn’t agree with, such as using fear of pain as a moving force. I believe one, fearing pain isn’t a principle to instill, and secondly that running from something will never create a permanent or positive transformation.

Lastly, I’ve spoken on this before, but if we woke up from a coma and were told we were an air-fighter pilot we would have different thoughts and confidences and fears, and that would change our personality. So, I COMPLETELY believe that how we see ourselves affects our internal world and words, and thus how we interact with others, so ultimately how we interact with experience.

So while this reading is clever, it flirts with the line of self-shame and self-belief. It seems to come from a context of fixing rather than empowerment, no?

As I make my way through these 100 days its so clear to me that we can either fix ourselves or move from love, principles and believing in who we are, and THAT overflow transforms who we are.

So, in conclusion, this article is very true (IMO) but also very surface and doesn’t really address the issue, and I feel that is the common state of human mind, especially in Western society.

Thank you for reading, Happy Sunday, and thanks for being on the other side!

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