Good afternoon everyone!

Hope all is well over in your land. My plan for taking-on of all 16 things has not been off to a great start, simply bc I had already prescheduled my time here in LA and have been proactively social, building with friends old and new. That being said I am sooo enjoying my time here, both my solitude and seeing so many people. My one day at home before I started traveling was amazing tho! Its been nice to have some focuses to ground me with the time I DO have. And, I have been trying to do half days of work still but sometimes I am gone for 12 hours and have been prioritizing rest and recovery.

I am still feeling badass and empowering myself despite not being able to push right now because the recharge is important too!

What do you all do to manage your energy? Sending lots of love and thanks for being on the other side,


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