Good afternoon all!

I had a great, great day yesterday!! As you may have read I entered a battle yesterday. I felt so, so free and had so much fun. I definitely rushed my movement and concepts in some areas, but I am happy with where I was. We ended up winning both inside and in the competition. I really feel grateful. The switch in thinking helped me tremendously. And yes, I feel my Self-Love grew tremendously from this project.

Today we are exploring the relationship of #6.


– Even if something we do seems inconsequential, it is very important that it gets done as everything in the Universe is connected.
– Each step leads to the next step, and so forth and so on.
– Someone must do the initial work to get a job done.
– Neither the first step nor the last are of greater significance,
– As they were both needed to accomplish the task.

– Past-Present-Future they are all connected…
I really like this as it speaks to integrity. That all things we do, do affect the other, and if we start something we must complete or declare the change of action. I find that this is a part of our mental clutter; unfinished business with ourselves and others.
How are you doing out there? Do you like the Karmatic explorations?
Sending love to all, thanks for being on the other side!

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