Good morning!
I’m about 100 days into a book called “The Originals,” so far it has touched alot on risk-taking, why we do it, and why we don’t. I’ve been really enjoying the sociological patterns it has simplified and surfaced. One of the most interesting was that people in the ‘middle zone’ of a business / career are much less likely to take risks than someone at the bottom or at the top. At the bottom you have nothing to lose, and at the top you have so much clout that it would be quite difficult to lose the status and power you’ve built. Your risks themselves are seen as wisdom even if they fail.

I started reflecting on this in how it relates to my social environment and realized that a lot of where we are in ‘the middle’ is based on how we *personally* view it. Meaning, in the matter of arts and talents, its up to us to perceive where we’re at. There is a lot of ‘whats so’ to calculate from, too, but in terms of talent that’s pretty negotiable. If feeling that we’re in the middle leads us to conformity instead of risk taking, can the reverse be stated? If I’m operating from a ‘safety net’ do I feel that I am in the middle of this in terms of social reputation and self-confidence?

I remember clearly the point in my artistic path where I was MUCH less inclined to battle bc I had developed a name for myself, and if I hadn’t trained enough I didn’t want to battle so as to not ‘damage’ or ‘ruin’ my rep. This, of course, in the long run backfired bc it created a lot of stagnancy bc I was allowing comparison / fear to run the show.

Feeling that I was “in the middle” had me not trust my movement, not trust my experiences, AND not trust those results.

Where else am I playing it safe? Today I am reflective of where I may be playing it safe bc I’m only “this good” at this. Today I am journaling on where I want to be more CREATIVE rather than REACTIVE, believe in my ideas, believe even in my failures, bc its all process of the process.

Its Love Now.
Thanks for being on the other side! ❤

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