So, we are really going to dive into this wholeness journey.

What does it mean to be whole, and how do I get there? I would say to be whole, I have to completely responsible for my Self. It means no one or thing is going to rescue me. My joy and inner peace come from my own relationship to Self, which of course includes God.

What are some habits I can do to create this? Well, right now, I’d say its honoring my relationship with myself first, before all others, which I do not do. I’ll reschedule things to do for me quite often. Some healthy habits I do have for myself are speaking up for what I believe in. I also want to create consistency and more reliability in being my word.

Lastly, for now, I also believe I need to see others as whole. If I relate and interact with others as whole, that will alter their experience of me and my experience of me, my world, and others. I want to LOOK for wholeness in others, instead of whats missing.

Today, I am going to interact with others as though all I can see is their perfection, and be generous in my wholeness as much as I can. That is my assignment, just for today.

Thank you for being on my journey ❤


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