Good afternoon everyone!

Hope your day is going well so far.

Today I am super excited to share with you all that I’m 2 weeks into taking a course on Self-Sabotage (not how to do it, how not to! haha) and its really interesting! So far there has been reading assignments, meditations, interviews and lists I’ve needed to make. One of the lists I needed to make was “What have lifes biggest lessons been for me?” As I peeked back into my past, I realized that everything challenging I faced only impacted me bc of my lack of self-love and clarity, and so it felt amazing to see that my biggest lessons have always been about loving and knowing Self. There is not going to be someone who saves me or rescues me! And this is great news, because then *that* means no one can take my joy and self-love away.

Another great lesson I see is about expression, whether that is around what my needs and wants are or simply in my art. Feeling expressed is SO important, whether that is through words, painting, calligraphy, dance, or laughter. Its so important to express and to be *fully* expressed.

I hope that all of you have enjoyed this journey of self-exploration for me. It has definitely increased my self-love and awareness and has also triggered my expansion of passion for internal growth, in reflection and prayer.

Just a few more days to go! Can you believe it? Thanks for being on the other side 🙂




Good morning all!
Today, on a day which celebrates love, lets be mindful that it is a reminder for celebrating love everyday. ❤
Secondly, did anyone look or find anything from researching your learning and/or where you might be stuck or plateaued in growth?
Last but not least, I wanted to briefly write about wholeness. When I was younger, I really leaned into partying, alcohol, etc. I had an empty hole and filled it up with that validation and distraction. When I found dance, I was so much more empowered!! I immediately switched over and had this incredibly healthy tool to fill up that empty space with!

And, then, about 6 years ago (through my work with Landmark) I realized that I had been doing that; trying to fill my emptiness with something external. Then I realized that, no matter how healthy dance is, no thing will ever fill up that empty space I felt inside.

I had tried to fill it up with so many things, people, success, career, music, dance, IG, beauty products, so much more. But, then, about 3.5 years ago, God came along and since then I have been learning how to fill that empty space with God, with myself, with my Self love.

If we are using anything, anything at all besides our own Self to be complete, it will fail. Universe/God/Higher Power will not let that disempowerment continue, because, if you don’t complete yourself how can you fully love someone? You couldn’t, because the fear of them leaving and you ‘losing’ that completeness will dominate.

I recently read “Once you are happy alone others will want to be with you,” and thats true, but I don’t think it speaks better than the quote “Don’t find your other half, find another whole.”

Happy Valentines everyone, may the occurrences with the loves in your life that you find never alter your own love of self, for once you have God and that is enough, you are forever empowered and complete.

Thanks for being on the other side ❤




Good morning everyone 🙂

Last night I had a dream. I was in a corner store and the woman in front of me did something silly, to which I can’t remember the exact details, and I gave her some unsolicited advice, she didn’t reply. The woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said to me “You’re just going to be incomplete with her like that??” I made a confused face.

She gestured in a way that was collecting her thoughts. She said “You must center your life around something, but ONE thing, and you must commit your whole life to that. You should be able to write a whole book about it, even if to you, its something small. You must be the knowledge for this aspect, and all of life will fit into place.”

I looked at her directly and said “But my heart has many little passions and I like it that way.” She giggled and said “ok!” Immediately after I said that I doubted my statement. I wondered if I was being stubborn.

And that’s all I remember.

And, this morning, I can’t decide whether she was speaking as the omen, or I was. I have been debating about if I’m taking on too many things for some time now. It stunts the growth of each other thing a bit, but without them I feel a loss of Self.

I don’t have an answer for it, today, and thats ok. And so, my journey continues. ❤

Thanks for being on the other side!


Good morning all my lovers out there!

How are you doing? My morning has been great so far. Simply stretching, listening to beautiful music, and warm water. How do you start your mornings?

I’m grateful for this project bc of what I’ve discovered about my Self and about my relationship to Self with others. I’m grateful that I have accountability on the other side that expects me to check in with myself first thing every morning. I love that I’ve been able to do that 83 days in a row. Most of you have stuck it out, I had 3 un-subscribers for reasons such as the posts being too much about God or not having time to read the length. And of course, thats ok.

Today, lets take some time today to tell THREE people what we appreciate about them. Every once in a while I’ll get a wild hair and just call people for the sake of calling them to appreciate them. Whether you call or do it in person, today just let 3 people know what it is about them that you love and appreciate. ❤

Thanks for being on the other side!


– Looking backward to examine what was, prevents us from being totally in the HERE AND NOW.
– Old thoughts, old patterns of behavior, old dreams…
– Prevent us from having new ones.

Jojo ❤



Good morning!

Last night I was chatting with a good friend about intrigue, its something I deeply admire in others and something I wanted for myself. While I feel I have *some* I was excited and inspired to dive deeper into how it feels for me.

I believe that this truly exists inside of our time in our inner world, creating a way of life that is unique to us, that uniquely works for *us* and that creates an intrigue because you offer something powerfully independent and fresh to those around you instead of simply being a reaction to your surroundings.

The deeper I go the more gold I’m finding!

Very inspired and touched today, spending more time with myself changes my whole existence, not in the way I previously thought, which might be vibrationally only, but logistically knowing myself more creates both more simplicity and inspiration.

Sending you all love, thanks for being on the other side.



“The Voice Of Silence” 


Today I read a story about a mother and child sitting together, mom asks the daughter, how was recess today? Daughter replied “I played a game on the monkey bars and kept an eye on the buddy bench.” The daughters school has a wooden double seater, nestled on the edge of the playground, which is a simple call for anyone who is needing a buddy in that moment. Anyone who needs a hug, a friend, someone to talk, someone who feels alone or lonely, sits on that bench as a gentle but clear call that they need emotional support. And the kids always come.

I absolutely teared up when I read that… I sure would have sat on that bench as a child, many days feeling so different and unwanted from my peers. In an instant the child inside me felt emotion just reading that.

This story really touched me for several reasons. 1, I love the idea of asking for help, plain and simple. When we let others know about our struggles only then can they help. But all too often as adults we try to look or even feel strong, which is made up by our own definitions. Isn’t a huge part of strength vulnerability? Of course it is. “Strong enough to cry” I always used to say. This buddy bench metaphor really opened my heart for myself and for others, keeping in mind that often times peoples request for help isn’t as gentle or clear, but sometimes comes in the form of worry, sadness, insecurity, and fear.

The other thing that touched me was knowing that both God and my own self-love are also a form of a buddy bench. God is there for me whenever I call on him, and my own love and respect and relationship to myself are also there for me.

Last but not least, the daughter kept an eye on that bench. She was listening for support, listening for the silence that speaks for comfort. What if we were all more keen to hear others as wanting love and support instead of finding defects and faults?

I’m very, very grateful for my incredibly supportive friends and family, I’m grateful to my Self for getting to a place that communicates what I’m feeling instead of responding to it.

Let’s all be someone’s buddy bench today, and let us all be more able to ask for support when we need it. ❤
Thanks for being on the other side!


“Tennis Ball Theory” 
Good morning everyone ❤ Hope your day is going well.
Today’s reflection is about generosity and reaping what we sew in the context of friendship and people.

You know, on New Years Eve I had two friends of mine kinda flake on me and my night ended up being a bit of a flop because of it. I was stillin the car from driving back home when the clock struck 12. And, to be honest, while there was no part of me that was mad or hurt, I was disappointed and I caught myself making it mean bigger things. “Oh maybe this will be the year of fake friends, oh no!” or I wondered “Will this be a year of loneliness and indecision, oh no!” These silly stories quickly subsided because I realized in the end, it meant nothing more than whatever those ladies were dealing with in that exact moment, and now I had the opportunity to be empowered.

Since then both of those ladies have reached out to to make plans. There was a part of me that didn’t want to respond or even wanted to get back at them just a little. That’s what my mind does when it wants to protect my feelings and control things.

So instead, I just chose generosity. I did the best I could to remember people are human, and they make mistakes, and hardly ever are they against us but for themselves in some way. I chose to continue to build with these women because I care about them, and also, I care about my Self. I also forgive and love myself when I do mindless things or make mistakes, and thats what relationship is about.

Now, let’s be clear and make some distinctions. There’s a balance here.

*I’m not going to continue to sew into someone who’s not sorry, because they are not ready to grow. (personal choice)
*I’m going to be honest about how things are for me, to my self and to them.

*I’m not going to be offended bc none of what others does has to do with me.
*I’m going to love them the best I can, which is now better than before bc I love myself.
Sometimes we need someone to be able to make mistakes with in order to grow. If people just drop us once we mess up, how can we learn to love? Compassion always built me up farther than judgment and dismissal did.

Its clear that I am able to love these people through these (tiny) mistakes where as before I would have said tomyself “Oh these people don’t care about me, I’m too good for this.” I would have written them off and I actually would have felt EMPOWERED. But obviously the real power is unconditional love. The real power is generosity.

And so, while “we reap what we sew” can seem like this magical fairy dust thing, instead it lands today as something logistical and practical. Now I have friends with a deeper connection bc that’s what I chose. I chose to be a generous friend.
Sending you all love today, thanks for being on the other side. What do you think the title of today means?

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