1/40 Days Of Wholeness


Well, good afternoon!

TBH I’m a bit rusty at sending out these emails, I remembered and forgot 3 times this morning. 🙂 I’ll get back into the swing of things. Again, as a reminder, if at any time you’d like to discontinue receiving emails simply reply STOP.

Starting off my journey I’d like to talk about desire vs frustration. Isn’t frustration/anger just unfulfilled desire? I feel that if we look at this way we can still access our desires through looking at our frustrations differently. They are also a desire. And, if we zoom out from the specificity of the desire or frustration we can see who we really are as people instead of staring at the situational side of things.

Example, lets say I get very frustrated about people not putting their shopping carts into the proper aisle in the parking lot. If I ‘zoom out’ I can see that I’m someone who loves organization and being considerate of others. By looking at the frustration a different way I see myself in the light rather than the world in frustration. This is now a space for me to contribute and make a difference.

This knowing of ourselves, altering our perspective, and loving how we see things is a starting point for our wholeness bc it puts the reaction to circumstance in our hands, and not in the hands of the world. This very nature is how we are whole. No one can make us whole. Only God and our Selves can do that.

Sending love to all, thanks for being on the other side!