Good morning all!

The book I referenced a few days ago, (I actually typo’ed and wrote 100 days in instead of 100 pages in. I guess 100 days was on the brain!) is really interesting. There’s another section I want to share with you about conceptual learning vs experimental learning.

Again, this book is called “The Originals,” it references and highlights a lot of sociological and psychological trends, everything from how men see assertive women as ‘less loyal,’ to what often times determines the age in life when someone becomes ‘successful’ for their works.

Regarding conceptual learning, these artists (writers, painters, inventors) were often known to become successful in the younger part of their life, where as the experimental learners caught on much later. The conceptual learners did a lot of hard work and through trial and error found an incredibly powerful formula that works for them. However, what this study found was that those who discovered this formula early on were also often *bound* by it. It was said of EE Cummings (happens to be one of my favorite writers) “He found his artistic voice early on. His books were all brilliant, but they all felt the same.”

Experimental learning took much longer, as though it was sifting through the whole world, with the artist never stopping to chase their craft. These particular artists blossomed in their mid 40s, 50s and 60s (many famous artists we all know) and they never “arrived” at any exact style, but continued to grow and mold themselves.

I just love this idea, it really speaks to me because last year I was forced out of my conceptual mold. 2017 was tough! I was constantly being shaped and by the end, I learned how to enjoy it. I believe that 2017 was one of my tougher years, but I also believe it was one of my favorites bc from it I found what I consider to be the beginning of deep woman-hood. The essence of loving Self, knowing Self, walking into a room without trying bc I have my own glorious mental world.

I guess for me, the point I want to bring up is, while we might find a technique that really works in life, even that can hold us back at some point if we don’t continue to develop it. Change is constant, necessary for growth, inclusive of flavor, and yes, its often difficult and tests our faith. I like to think those experimental learners didn’t stop bc they didn’t doubt where they were headed, or were indifferent to it bc they were simply immersed in their passions.

Where are you/I using an outdated algorithm? One that worked in the past but can use continuous upgrades, updates and a fresh perspective? I guess just take a look at where your life is repeating, where you’re not invigorated and go from there. I’ll be taking that inventory today, as well.

Sending love to all! Thanks for being on the other side.

To check out the book I’ve been referencing, go here.



Hey all! Good morning! Anyone else out there stuck with this bug??

I am reflective this morning of the following quote:

„No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.” –Voltaire

There is a lot going on in the world today, most of it feels ‘over there’ for us. While our self-love is incredibly important, how important is it?

When you die you will meet God. Hebrews 9:27 This scripture has always meant more to me emphasizing the ‘you’ instead of the ‘die.’ When we, the ego, is removed, then we can experience God. Whether you believe in Jesus, a higher power that is in a glowing light, or just no God at all, either way, removing ego is at the forefront of growth. Thus, again, how important is our little world?

I’ve been swirling this around in my mind quite a bit lately. I have a passion for socio-economic prejudice and the impacts it has on education and impact on persona and a pre-determined and taught self-relationship with people in that society. And, I have things I have going on in my small world.

I continue to toggle about liking my haircut while there are others who are unsure of how to attain their next meal by no fault of their own, being born into poverty in this country. 

So, as I continue to self-love, my self-gaze dims, it expands, the self-righteousness of me needing to love my breasts disempowers, I move forward past my nose into society, where the whole world is living. In this I feel I am overflowing.

Sending love to all, thanks for being on the other side!



Good afternoon all!

Today’s reflection is simple. How do I love myself? Not, why, but how. What are the actions?

Is self-love an action or a feeling? Or an action caused by feeling? Or a feeling caused by action(s)?

The answer is… yes. Its all of those things.

But which comes first? Obviously its a dance back and forth, but I guess theres no definite answer and it could be different for everyone.

Its important though for me to mention that the feeling of self-love holds no ground without action and vice versa. So, is self-love contained in both?

Or, is it perhaps that without cause there is no effect, without action there is no feeling. We could absolutely argue that the feeling could come first, but would it? Bc if you sat in a room alone doing nothing but sitting in a room alone would you find self-love? I think the answer is no, unless you’re meditating, and then we are back to action.

So, in the end I feel that the feeling of self-love is unattainable without the actions of self-love. And, ALTHOUGH at ANY moment we can decide to love ourselves, even to arrive at this point of power would take actions.

So, in order to love ourselves, we must LOVE ourselves (the action.)

So, today, how do I love myself? By honoring my needs, by sending this message, by eating home-made chili, by researching foods best for my health, by hugging and kissing my best friend, by staring at pics of my future french bulldog, by investing into my passions, by stretching, by drinking lots of water and taking vitamins, by smiling and embracing all that I am.

And that could not have come without self-love.

The beautiful cycle continues! ❤

Thanks for being on the other side, Happy Sunday!


Well great afternoon! I just slept for approx 12 hours, and it was much needed. I’m still recovering, but feeling loads better. You know that feeling when you wake up like a new person? Well, I don’t have that yet! Hahah! But, I feel a lot better and anticipate that new feeling tomorrow! So lets pray for that clearing.

I pray all of you are happy and whole out there!

I love today’s Karmatic exploration!


– All Rewards require initial toil.
– Rewards of lasting value require patient and persistent toil.
– True joy follows doing what we’re suppose to be doing, and waiting for the reward to come in on its own time.

I love the idea of both patience and hard-work coming hand in hand. I have found that patient people are often too passive, and go-getter people are often worrysome, and its nice to have these conjoin.

Our greatest strength is often always our greatest weakness in another setting. God makes no mistakes, its up to us to use it at the right venture!

Sending love, thanks for being on the other side!


Good morning all my lovers out there!

How are you doing? My morning has been great so far. Simply stretching, listening to beautiful music, and warm water. How do you start your mornings?

I’m grateful for this project bc of what I’ve discovered about my Self and about my relationship to Self with others. I’m grateful that I have accountability on the other side that expects me to check in with myself first thing every morning. I love that I’ve been able to do that 83 days in a row. Most of you have stuck it out, I had 3 un-subscribers for reasons such as the posts being too much about God or not having time to read the length. And of course, thats ok.

Today, lets take some time today to tell THREE people what we appreciate about them. Every once in a while I’ll get a wild hair and just call people for the sake of calling them to appreciate them. Whether you call or do it in person, today just let 3 people know what it is about them that you love and appreciate. ❤

Thanks for being on the other side!


– Looking backward to examine what was, prevents us from being totally in the HERE AND NOW.
– Old thoughts, old patterns of behavior, old dreams…
– Prevent us from having new ones.

Jojo ❤


Good morning all!

Today is the 81st day, can you believe it? I wonder how many of my emails you all have read. Some, all, barely? I hear from some of you but its nice to get check-ins from you all. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

You know, I cut my hair off the other week, it was pretty spontaneous. The haircut and the color both turned out to be done awfully bad. I’m not sure if its related but my hairdresser was fired days later. I had a friend come in and repair it but my hair looks nothing like it used to and I prefer it the old way. And, I can’t say for sure if I’d like it more than my old hair if it looks the way I wanted it to. And everyones so fast to say “Well, it will grow back.” And that’s true, it will in two years or maybe one year with daily Biotin, but isn’t it so easy for us to tell others not to worry? We are exceptional advice givers and have a harder time doing what we say.

And why is that? Is it the distinction between perspective and action? Or is it being able to see ourselves less clearly? Or more clearly? Or is it us just projecting our ‘crap’ onto others? At any rate, I often have found people are very empowered giving others advice they didn’t ask for. I don’t ever say “Oh I’m so upset about my hair, do you have any advice for me?” Its simply, I don’t prefer my hair responded with “Oh don’t worry it’ll grow back.” Whats my point I’m sure you’re asking if you’ve read this far.

My point is this: Why do we do that? Or first jump instinct is to provide something for someone, to give some help or advice or coaching instead of just being with that person. I personally would rather have someone laugh with me about it then come into the space of fixing it. That’s just me, of course. But the point is still, instead of these triggered and automated responses, where can I just be with someone?

Where am I just using automated responses verbally or actually? Where am I being inauthentic? Where am I just comforting someone when they don’t want or need to be comforted?

I can be honest in that a lot of my strengths in my personality are about helping others and I’m sure that bleeds into spaces it doesn’t need to be or is wanted. So, today, I’m forgiving myself for getting this haircut, (joke) for automated responses, I’m forgiving others for assuming I need something when I haven’t pointed to that, and I’m going to be in the moment, bringing to the table the interaction with that individual instead of pre-determined responses. How are you doing? “Good” is another example of a blanket response with no real interaction.

So, lets make it a day to be present with others, to offer more than consolation, to be For Giving, and to For Getting of our previous automated responses.

Also, I revamped my work program yesterday, I’m starting my 21 days again today and will KYP! Last but not least, here’s today Karmatic focus:


– You can not think of two things at the same time.
– When our focus is on Spiritual Values, it is impossible for us to have lower thoughts such as greed or anger.




Hey everyone, good morning!

I’m going to briefly pause for the Karmatic Laws for today to share whats going on for me these past few days.

First of all, I’ve been pursuing my program for 21 days in all of my passions, but with not much success. The 8 hour work day structure I set up isn’t realistic for all the extra things I have going on, not to mention so much travel lately. So, I’ve been tweeking here and there, but essentially, I am going to go back to the drawing board tomorrow (Sunday, as the new start of the week) and re-plan. In terms of simply working harder, its possible, but then I would be compromising my 8 hours of sleep, and with all the physical work I do I simply do not choose to do that. So, the efforts have been attempted and now we know one more plan that doesn’t work so thats great!

Secondly, I’ve been really enjoying my movement lately. I have felt so laid back mentally, just really enjoying what comes out, and of course my dance has been reflecting that. However, I have chosen to enter a battle today, which I normally don’t do and haven’t done for some time, and so my mind is rusty in this game. Entering battles, while I feel they are over-used, are helpful for me as a check-in. While again, yes, I do have some principles against not battling all the time, I also believe that entering them once in a while allows me to challenge myself in a new light.

So, today is that day. I could feel little moments of anxiety and doubt about it creeping up. Over 10 years ago I had a terrible, terrible battling experience, and instead of re-approaching battles to have a new relationship with them I ran and stayed stuck in that theory. This was not the smartest choice! But I went out last night and had several inspiring moments happen.

The first thing that happened last night was they played amazing old school funk, I’m talking a slloooOoOoow 2-step. It was soo nice! What clubs are doing that anymore? And I’ll tell you most people did not know how to dance to that! But, sure enough, I did, and so did Jade, and we were just smiliinnnnnn and 2 steppin and feeling the music and being moved. And I just kept feeling like… I have nothing to prove, I dance for me, I dance from the music, I just love dancing, and there’s nothing to be afraid of bc all I have to do is dance and whatever happens happens. And it. was. so. beautiful. And thats how I feel today.

The second thing that happened was that someone walked up to me and asked me “Are you Jojo?” and I said “I am!” and they said “Are you judging tomorrow?” and I shook my head. They paused and opened their eyes and asked “Wait, are you battling??” And I nodded my head. This person literally threw up their hands and was like “ahhh” in disappointment and walked away. Now, I know this is a compliment, but I immediately was like.. this person doesn’t get it. They’re just going out there to win, instead of enjoying the challenge. And then I realized it was me God was showing me, just the exaggerated version. (Kind of like Dojo, Jessie’s dog hehe)

So, today, I really feel so grounded. Today, I am honored and excited to be with all these young dancers who are incredibly talented. The experience of these challenges is going to be amazing. I am not going there to win, I am going there to share my dance, celebrate life, and enjoy others, as well. Today is going to be wonderful. ❤

I hope you all are having a great time this weekend, I hope you are enjoying these messages. Thanks for being on the other side. We are officially 3 weeks out!