Spread thin? Or doubling in size?

Good morning all! So, this morning I woke up very very early which happens sometimes when Jade comes to bed very late. Often times I can fall back asleep but sometimes my mind gets going and it just won’t stop. Because I’ve been feeling a bit of a lull lately and was feeling like I couldn’t think still, I decided to get up. I’m really glad I did that.

I reviewed my goals for 2018 and thought to myself how spread thin I am. I wish I could just focus on one thing. Lately I’ve been seeing memes about dedicating yourself to one thing and the rest will follow. But I just thought about how I have many loves and I’d miss a lot of things if I didn’t pursue them as well. I felt great in my areas but stagnant in that greatness. I want excellence and growth.

So, taking a real look at myself, I accepted I had never been willing to do the work it takes to focus intensely on this many things, so ya, my hard work was dispersed. So, I am taking on 3 weeks of really trying this out. I have scheduled out 8 hour days for myself, not including whatever comes my way.

After the 3 weeks I will be able to take a real look at myself and see whether or not this is something I can and want to keep up. I will be also to see what I wanted to take a front seat and back seat at times. Today is Day 1, scheduled and completely mapped out and I’m ready!

For those curious, here is my 16 categories:

1. social support (considering starting a freestyle or choreo crew)
2. closer to God (wanting to do more bible studies)
3. finances (considering investing)
4. freestyle expression (started studying 2 new styles this year)
5. art projects (working on a film this year)
6. career
7. family (not a goal, but I want to take a trip w them this year)
8. diggs deeper (I want to throw the Training session weekend, our anniversary, a choreo competition, our mentorship program and a party this year)
9. fitness (want to build 10 lbs of muscle)
10. vlogs (want to start doing vlogs on the dance scene, mental development, fitness, dance, so on)
11. mental growth (want to take some developmental courses this year)
12. style (updating my look and closet, as well as need to do more photo shoots this year)
13. physical health (daily stretch and full body healing)
14. organization (I really struggle staying on task when I travel)
15. mentorship (i’m mentoring 4 people right now)
16. self love / project (doing 100 days of self love emails and blogs, I’m on day 69 today.)

Wish me luck!
Thanks for being on the other side –


“Tennis Ball Theory” 
Good morning everyone ❤ Hope your day is going well.
Today’s reflection is about generosity and reaping what we sew in the context of friendship and people.

You know, on New Years Eve I had two friends of mine kinda flake on me and my night ended up being a bit of a flop because of it. I was stillin the car from driving back home when the clock struck 12. And, to be honest, while there was no part of me that was mad or hurt, I was disappointed and I caught myself making it mean bigger things. “Oh maybe this will be the year of fake friends, oh no!” or I wondered “Will this be a year of loneliness and indecision, oh no!” These silly stories quickly subsided because I realized in the end, it meant nothing more than whatever those ladies were dealing with in that exact moment, and now I had the opportunity to be empowered.

Since then both of those ladies have reached out to to make plans. There was a part of me that didn’t want to respond or even wanted to get back at them just a little. That’s what my mind does when it wants to protect my feelings and control things.

So instead, I just chose generosity. I did the best I could to remember people are human, and they make mistakes, and hardly ever are they against us but for themselves in some way. I chose to continue to build with these women because I care about them, and also, I care about my Self. I also forgive and love myself when I do mindless things or make mistakes, and thats what relationship is about.

Now, let’s be clear and make some distinctions. There’s a balance here.

*I’m not going to continue to sew into someone who’s not sorry, because they are not ready to grow. (personal choice)
*I’m going to be honest about how things are for me, to my self and to them.

*I’m not going to be offended bc none of what others does has to do with me.
*I’m going to love them the best I can, which is now better than before bc I love myself.
Sometimes we need someone to be able to make mistakes with in order to grow. If people just drop us once we mess up, how can we learn to love? Compassion always built me up farther than judgment and dismissal did.

Its clear that I am able to love these people through these (tiny) mistakes where as before I would have said tomyself “Oh these people don’t care about me, I’m too good for this.” I would have written them off and I actually would have felt EMPOWERED. But obviously the real power is unconditional love. The real power is generosity.

And so, while “we reap what we sew” can seem like this magical fairy dust thing, instead it lands today as something logistical and practical. Now I have friends with a deeper connection bc that’s what I chose. I chose to be a generous friend.
Sending you all love today, thanks for being on the other side. What do you think the title of today means?

Jojo ❤ Diggs


Good morning everyone! I hope your holidays were amazing, as we move into our new year its great to have family time to really remind us of our achilles heels! Haha 🙂

In correlation, I had such a wonderful time with family and we reflected on how we’ve grown this year. Truth be told I grew so much this year in learning how to be graceful when I feel awkward! These difficulties taught me how to disconnect from some physical sensations and move towards my own empowerment despite them, this has been my favorite year thus far and this is the most powerful I’ve ever felt.

I hope your time with your family is enjoyable and another beautiful learning experience for you!

I hope to get in the gym today to work off all that gluten-free food I munched on yesterday.

Thanks for being on the other side,

Love is the reward for love.



Good morning!

Super early post this am as I am about to head out on a long drive to Phoenix. Originally I had planned to leave yesterday and then it dawned on me that it was probably everyones plan to leave yesterday! haha 🙂 So I decided to take the extra day and relax, get some work done, have some me-time and be a bit more prepared to leave early this morning sans a bunch of traffic.

I’ve had a few friends, already home with their families, talk with me about how difficult it can be to feel like yourself when you’re around people that are so different from you, share such different views on how to do things, enjoy different things and different ways. Yes, I’m talking about family.

During this time we spend time with our families and for some its a smooth ride and others bumpy and others a bit of both. But I feel that one of the best things we can do is to continue to give our families a new chance each day.

What do I mean by that?

Well, to be honest, our families hold the longest memories in our minds and bodies. And probably since we can remember they’ve been a certain way…. but have they? I think that sometimes we continue to hold an old view of them and even keep them there, hanging on to past resentments or just simply viewpoints.

Its really up to us to try and transform any relationship. Now, yes, some just aren’t willing! But that doesn’t mean we can’t take 100% responsibility for how the relationships feel to us. Perhaps we’re even tolerating how something feels in our family endeavors. So, today, during this holiday and maybe forever, I am just reminded that WE are responsible for how we view others, how we interact with them, who they are for us, how they show up, and its us that can transform an experience from good to amazing.

No one is perfect and each person has qualities that are beneficial! So lets find the best in others, powerfully acknowledge and accept the rest and do the same for ourselves, handle ourselves in the same self-respecting manner and be responsible for how it turns out.

Anyway, I hope this helps! I think all too often people sort of fog out when it comes to family and there’s a new view to be had every single day, for ANYONE. That is a real gift!

Happy Holidays! Thanks for being on the other side!


Love is the reward for love.


Good evening everyone!

Hope your weekend was productive, relaxing, fun or whatever you intended it to be. Mine was productive and spontaneous. I ended up going out last night to hear live music and left feeling rewarded and vibrational!

Todays focus is on intention. I am setting an intention for the week as well as an intention for each day. The focus for this week is “Excellent Execution.” I just love how that sounds! My goal is to really carve away clutter, clear out unnecessary mental and physical habits, and create space for more goodness. I am doing this by dancing with more clarity, getting rid of unworn clothing, and decreasing clutter where I can in my home.

When I create a daily intention in the mornings my day has so much more clarity and quietness. I tend to be able to feel more peace in daily interaction, deal with surprises easier, and speak more life into others. I also love a daily intention bc it creates a sensation that each day feels new. So often we wait until larger moguls come by to create that empowerment for change but every sunrise is a new chance. ❤ Its a beautiful sentiment for the now!

I hope you all are enjoying your emails! Please tell me, whats your intention for the week/day?

Thanks for being on the other side,